Sydney Eat Street: Ten things to try in Wetherill Park


JENIFER JAGIELSKI, The Daily Telegraph
August 6, 2017 12:00am

The bazooka cannoli is simply a weapon. There are profiteroles inside the beast.

The more the merrier but when your party hits critical mass, Giuseppe Caruso has a sweet solution: the mighty Bazooka – a large crispy cannoli shell loaded with 50-mini ones. A Sicilian favourite, these ‘little tubes’ of fried pastry dough are filled with rich cream and for this giant version, Giuseppe has opted for a selection of ricotta, vanilla, chocolate, and for added sugar, included profiteroles in the centre of the shell. For those who prefer more intimate engagements, there’s also a smaller version. At their nearby commercial bakery, Giuseppe’s crew also make some impressive specialty cakes and other pastries. — Pasticceria Caruso, Kiosk 7, Stockland Mall

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