17 of the most indulgent desserts money can buy around the world, ranked by number of calories


Bobbie Edsor Sep. 23, 2017, 4:54 AM

As anyone with a sweet tooth knows, it's important to save the best for last — especially when there's dessert involved. Holiday specialists Thomson Lakes and Mountains researched the most extravagant and calorific desserts around the world in order to tempt any sugar-loving travellers.

'The Cannoli Bazooka,' Pasticceria Caruso, Sydney, Australia — 1,048 calories for 5%.

Pasticceria Caruso in Sydney is known for their speciality bake — "The Cannoli Bazooka." The giant pastry shell contains 50 individual cannoli filled with Italian sweet pastry cream. The extravagant centrepiece, perfect for special occasions, is then dusted with icing sugar and tied up in a bow.

This 50-piece pud serves 20 people at 1,048 calories per serving, according to its creators, putting the calorie count for the entire bake at a mere 20,960 calories.

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