This Giant Cannoli Stuffed With 50 Normal Cannolis Is Too Pure For This World


Posted on April 4, 2016, at 1:59 a.m.
Julia Reinstein
BuzzFeed Staff

Holy cannoli! So, here’s a thing that exists: a giant cannoli stuffed with 50 normal-sized cannolis.

It’s called the “Bazooka Cannoli,” and it comes from Pasticceria Caruso, a bakery in Sydney, Australia.

“It came about by accident, really,” Josie Gagliano, the bakery’s spokeswoman, told BuzzFeed. “We created it as a bit of joke for a relative’s birthday and we decided it looked like a huge bazooka gun, filled with cannoli, hence the name.

“It worked and created a buzz on Facebook, then we got our first order for it. And now they are hugely popular and we make lots of them every week.”

It's basically cannoli-ception.

While the bakery first started making them in 2012, they captured the internet’s cannoli-loving hearts recently when photos from a baking class where people learned to make the “Bazookas” went viral on Instagram.

The small cannolis are “are piled in strategically, and ‘stuck’ together using our ‘super glue,’ which is chocolate ganache,” Gagliano said.

The bakery makes around 40 Bazooka cannolis and 4000 normal-sized cannolis every week.

They're beautiful on the inside, too.

I feel like it’s staring into my soul.

Sadly, you can only get a “Bazooka Cannoli” by going to the bakery in person, so non-Australians will just have to hope and pray they start shipping internationally. Until then, who’s down to go to Sydney?

I'll take 12 of them, please.

Pasticceria Caruso’s giant cannoli keeps on giving


Shireen Khalil, Fairfield Advance
February 1, 2016 5:00pm

Pasticceria Caruso have perfected the ‘Bazooka’ aka the giant cannoli.

Yes, there’s such a thing.

Inside the mouth-watering creation you will find 50 mini cannolis, meaning “little tube” filled with three flavours; ricotta, vanilla and chocolate.

And once you reach the middle of the popular Italian dessert, you will discover more — profiteroles.

The man behind the beloved ‘Bazooka’ which is also the patisserie’s signature dessert, alongside their Italian continental cake, is Giuseppe Caruso.

“We created the ‘Bazooka’ about four years ago as a bit of a joke,” Mr Caruso said.

“We put it on Facebook to see the reaction it would get, but it didn’t really get noticed until a month later when we got our first order.”

Since then they went on from selling about eight a week to now more than 40.

It is made fresh at their Wetherill Park factory, as is every other of their more than 80 desserts.

“There was another place that did it before us, but we have perfected it from the taste to its presentation; we add toys, flowers, ribbons, depending on the occasion.”

From that was born the cannoli tower profiterole towers and nutella ricotta cannoli cake.

 “It’s great seeing people’s faces when they come to pick it up,” Mr Caruso said.

In true Italian style, the whole family loves to get involved from Mr Caruso’s parents who help roll the cannolis, to his nine-year-old son Christian who refuses to work without his staff uniform.

Pasticceria Caruso have been satisfying locals for seven years. They moved into their new cake shop and cafe at the newly renovated Stockland Wetherill Park a month ago.


■ You can now find the Pasticceria Caruso cake shop and cafe at the newly renovated Stockland Wetherill Park shopping centre, opposite Coles, where they have a dedicated cannoli station on site

■ Small ‘Bazooka’ with 20 mini cannoli — $65; ‘Bazooka’ with 50 mini cannoli — $145; mini cannoli are $1.50 each and large cannoli are $3 each.

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